Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NEW! Kids Art Class - starts September 2nd

kinderdoodle [art class for kids]

2 or 3-5 year olds

45 minute 'intro to art' class!

Wednesdays 9am (3-5 year olds)
Wednesdays 10am (2 year olds)

September 2nd*

$40/4 classes

5505 Osuna Rd. NE Suite E
(Bounce n’ Boogie location)

Daniela Byers | 363-3309

Class size is small and starting soon - call or email to reserve a spot!

*Next session starts October 7th.


Kinderdoodle is up and painting! What is Kinderdoodle, you ask?

Kinderdoodle is a fun & messy time for your budding artist to explore different art media in a class setting. Kids will need a smock (one of Dad’s old T-shirts, ja?) or clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Kids will be encouraged to do all their artwork themselves, but parents can experiment too! (See above for class times.)

I love art projects! But even I have found it hard to think about my kidlets with fingerpaints in my kitchen, very close to our new couches... You get the picture!

The first (only?) time I ever let my oldest try fingerpaints at home, I spread plastic out on the floor, taped down some paper and only let him touch one color at a time. Needless, to say, the floor was slippery and somebody (2 somebodies?) didn't have very much fun. "My child's creative genius has just been officially stifled!" I thought to myself. Too worried about my couch, I forgot to be an art coach!

Lots of moms want to encourage their kids' artistic side - but don't enjoy the mess. Who would? We clean up a million messes a day already! Who needs blue hand prints on the wall right after your mother-in-law calls to say she's stopping by in a few minutes? Not me!

So I hope this class will offer a venue for our kids to really explore different media - fingerpaints, watercolor, playdough, glue, paper, scissors (for bigger kids), paint, pencil, crayon, and etc. in a fully washable space. Your kids will have fun feeling and exploring all the different textures and colors and you won't have a mess to worry about.

Now, who left this hand print on the wall?!